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Tosha EDU-Pearl

Tosha EDU-Pearl app is school/college management system software aimed to make administrative works of educational institutions easier. Using this software you will be able to handle all the day to day functions of your institution in a comprehensive manner.

It is user-friendly and very easy to learn. This app is designed for efficiently managing school functions in many ways. Teaching faculties can notify students and organize classes on the web. They can utilize this software to keep in touch with their students. With the help of this software, parents can monitor their children's academic and extra-curricular performance, as all the parents have a chief concern whether their children are performing properly in school or not. This software will update parents of their children's track record so that they can consult with teachers about what to do next.

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Benefits to Management

Automatic operations for all departments; Auto-generation of timetables Visitors & Appointments Multiple campus management Communication & messaging Easy collection and operation of large databases Cost-effective solutions Registrations workflows.

Benefits to students

Access to schedules, information about exams, attendance and grades; Improved interaction with teachers, peers and administrative departments Discussion forums and the possibility to publish reviews and articles Electronic library access Online submission of homework.

Benefits to teacher

Reduced paperwork; Computerized management of marks, grades and attendance sheets; Online schedules & arrangements of time tables; More time available for students Improved communication with parents and students.

Benefits to Parents

Alert on child activities Reliable information on child’s school performance Easy fee payment without paper work and waste of time School updates on upcoming events & PTM Reviews and alerts.

our management

Admission Management

An effective feature of Tosha EDU-Pearl App, which makes the admission process easier, faster and paperless using online admission form.

Student Management

Get instant access to student's details with an easy search option. Schools/institutes can manage student and parents/guardian details easily with view and edit option.

Staff Management

More effective way to manage teaching or non-teaching staff details and view/edit them quickly when needed.


Fee Management

Smart fee management module with e-fee payment receipt in parent's web or mobile app account. Possibility to integrate net banking solution to collect fee online. .

Smart Attendance

No hassle to maintain the paper registers every month, now teachers can take roll call on SMART device/phone. Real time update to parents mobile.

HR Management

HR Management Intuitive, productive and well-designed employee management module for recruitment, payroll, attendance & leave management etc.

Library Management

Opportunity to make your library more advanced and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module. Track each operation in books management.

Transport Management

Tosha EDU-Pearl App makes whole school transport system more secure and safe. Manage buses routes, stops, timing, students & transport fee. Real time bus location tracking via mobile app.

Timetable Management

Our intelligent time table module will help you to schedule your time table planning efficiently.

Store Management

Now manage your institution inventory in more effective way with our store management module. Goods categories, suppliers, purchase orders, create intents are getting easier.

Exam & Result Management

Online exam and result management modules make teacher & admin staff more easier and productive. Manage examination flow, publish results and generate report cards online.

Messages and Notifications

Smart messaging system of Tosha EDU-Pearl App brings inbuilt effective way of communication.

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